Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthdays we had

We had a grand Memorial Day weekend as usual. The perfect blend of family, food, alone time, birthday fun, craziness, quiet. Good times.
Quite by accident (meaning, without communication), we all got Oliver related gifts. Seems outdoor exploration was the theme. I sewed up a backpack (more on that in another post!) and filled it with some nature explorer stuff. I made up a similar one for myself when I was a kid. I had a kaleidoscope (my telescope), a play-doh Strawberry Shortcake mat (my map), and an Annie canvas backpack. I don't really know why I remember that so well, but I do, and Oliver likes to take his train set instructions and walk around looking for chickens on the "chicken map". So I thought he'd enjoy the exploring. I guess you all thought so too, since we were (apparently) on the same wavelength.
His backpack had a magnifying glass, tape measure, map book, compass, whistle, binoculars, and a map. He loves to look at the bugs, snakes, lizards and salamanders he got from Gramma and Pappap with the magnifying glass. And put them in his bug cave.
Carrying the outdoor theme, he got a kickball, gardening set, and wheelbarrow. And a concrete mixer! Oh fun fun.
We had a magnifying glass cake and a birthday party with 8 toddlers. It was crazy fun (emphasis on crazy). No pictures of this chaos, because in the midst of it, I forgot I had a camera. In fact, I forgot candles, I forgot to sing! But thank goodness for friends who take over when you look lost.

Then whisked away for fishing and family.

And Etta and I had our birthday weekend quietly. (Maybe all the more so because of the storm before the calm.)

 A lovely birthday dinner when the anglers returned and a grand weekend had by all.

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