Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where were we?

Oh yes, building a house. Well, slowly, very slowly, we complete some more things. Our efforts are becoming haphazard: desperately trying to accomplish something in the 10 minutes between putting the toddler to bed and falling asleep on our faces. Thus we progress slowly. Here, I present to you the Living Room (in its current state). We are in need of a real rug to define the space and some other chairs. We both like the look of these, but we never sit in them. They're just not lounge chairs. This and this are contenders. 

We also need to get some better storage. That wooden bookcase will do (for a while. A LONG while) but I'm hoping for something that sized better for the wall. Maybe an open backed something or other.

But we spent all of our money on building this here house, so chairs and rugs and super shelving will wait. Darling got the feeders up and lately the view out the windows has been distracting from the work inside. Good stuff.

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