Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sprucing Up: The Landscape

Sprucing up the land, Part 2: Landscaping. Darling said my posts are too wordy and that most everyone just wants to look at pictures, so I figure I'd start with food and do a separate post for our flower beds. (That's this one, see.)
We haven't really touched the front bed except to water a little bit and weed. I planted this last summer trying to feel better about everything still looking like a construction site. I choose all perennials and mostly natives, knowing we wouldn't be able to devote too much to their care. Darling transplanted a few (3?) violas. And look! All of those others are volunteers. I'm loving it. A small amount of effort last summer went a long way this spring, when things are taking off and blooming.

I found a few lupine growing in the yard and transplanted them to the east side of the house where I seeded lupine last year. Keeping it low key with some tall prairie plants over here, but I'm excited to see so many lupine and yarrow peeking out of the soil. We shall see what color they bring this summer.

Then we got some phlox and creeping oregano on the steep hill hoping they spread for ground cover. Some lovely volunteer lilies are growing by the hazelnut tree. We also have a prairie plant garden on the front little mound by the strawberries. I hope to put an herb garden on the west front bed, but that will have to wait until the concrete steps get poured (soon-ish?). That's the tour! Like my little plant helper? Me too.