Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkins and Spice

O has fallen head over heels with Halloween this year. Starting in September he was inviting all of his classmates to his Halloween party. We've had to tell him many times over that we weren't planning on holding a Halloween party and yet he continues to devise games, invitations, songs... for the guests at HIS Halloween party. His teachers told the class no more talk of Halloween until October! On October 1st, he asked Papa if he knew what day it was... and then grinned from ear to ear because now he could talk about Halloween at school again.

I thought we better get in the spirit of things around here. I was inspired by some Halloween decor and paint chip Easter eggs that I saw on Pinterest, so on Sunday morning, Oliver, Etta and I got busy drawing and sticking and crafting. I present you our Halloween decor:

Paint Chip Banner

 Halloween Mobile

Coffee Can Jack-o-Lanterns

:: Paint Chip Garland. Sherwin Williams' paint chips had a punch on one side, so I just hole-punched the other and strung the orange yarn through. We drew on the paint chips with gel pens, but they didn't show up too darkly. From afar, it just looks like plain paint chips
:: Halloween Mobile. I spray painted an embroidery hoop and stuck store-bought (Target) felt Halloween stickers on either side of perfectly Halloween yarn (gifted to me from Julie!). This was the kidlets' favorite one and O wants it in his room.
:: Coffee Can Jack-o-Lanterns. This is an old one that Darling and I did pre-kids. I think I pulled it from a Martha Stewart Living magazine. You fill a coffee can with water and freeze it. Then use a hammer and nail to pound out your face. Pour the water off and voila! I fill the bottom with sand to set the candles in and use those huge stinky candles I won't allow in the house.

Next up: some ghosts to hang in the trees. Just need to figure the head part out...

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  1. Grammy told me that O was telling her about HIS Halloween party. I love it!