Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tis the Season

Fall is such a season of opposites. Perfectly enjoyable weather with gorgeous autumn color juxtaposed with biting wind and sleet. End of summer relaxation mixed with before winter busy-ness. And that pretty much describes our weekend here. Pickling, saucing, canning, tractoring (whatever you may call moving soil), crafting, organizing, purging, pumpkin picking, and leaf peeping. (oh and knitting, but of course)

Happy Fall to you, fleeting and feisty though it may be!


  1. Awesome family fall photo!! Truly a season of plenty.

    Mary Ann

  2. My niece & nephew are getting SO big! Can we just stop time for a little bit?

    I love the family picture!

  3. Thank you! I should have posted the series of attempts at the family photo - that is worth a good laugh as well!

  4. Seriously love the family fall photo! Veda's behind makes it even more awesome! Miss you!