Monday, December 17, 2012

Decking the Halls

We took our traditional tree gathering walk right after Thanksgiving, when we still had snow.

I'm typically behind the camera (and absent from the photos), but I asked Oliver to take a few shots (and a pic of my new hat. Someone always has a new handknit hat on these trips). Here's what he came up with:

Back at the homestead, we set to trimming.

I have visions of making some ornaments like some of these... we'll just see how that pans out during this crazy (fun) time of year!


  1. Hey! I got you that orange felt rooster ornament! And I really liked the tree made of stacked felt--neat! We got our tree up. Simone likes to remind us, "Daddo cut it down."

    1. I love that orange rooster! We're going to see about tackling some felt ornaments on Christmas eve... we'll see how it goes, but I was planning on some trees.