Sunday, December 2, 2012

Birthday Doings

We celebrated a bit early, when Pap-pap and Gramma were still in town. 

I got lazy on the birthday treat and we all had 1/2 an eclair. It was perfect for post-Thanksgiving fullness.

Etta played Doctor non-stop for a while. We all took our shots like champs, to a chorus of "Open mouth, please!"

The wooden mushroom house (that you may remember from an old thrifting post) made its debut, along with some store bought furniture and some pegs dolls. I made the dolls after perusing Pinterest and stumbling upon them. They're wooden game pieces that you can paint. I used Sharpies instead, which is a better match for my, a-hem, artistic talent (or lack thereof).

Good times and a great weekend for our now 2-year-old. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

{oh yes, everyone's gifts arrived and were ALL well-received. These are just the ones that made the photo shoot and download}

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