Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some exciting recent finds:

 Mushroom Dollhouse ($20 at St. Vinnie's) I know it doesn't seem like a bargain, but check out this link to a retailer.

 An (almost) unused croquet set! ($5, St. Vinnie's)

 A completely brand-new with tags, Blueberry One-Size diaper cover (59¢, St. Vinnie's)

Blues and Hucks (free w/labor, backyard) in a enamel FRUIT pail ($2, St. Vinnie's)

More on those blueberries soon - we've been picking and consuming with all our might and finally took some photos to share!


  1. AMAZING!!! I'm so envious. Fabulous work, Beez!

  2. Thanks! I was pretty pleased as well, I must say. Darling calls the pail my "ambitious bucket" because it is so large. Yes, I suppose.

    I'm currently committing a thrifting taboo: seeking a particular item. That pretty much means I won't find it, but I'm still seeking...