Monday, August 29, 2011

A Nip in the Air

August has been so amazingly gorgeous. The weather is impeccable. Some rain, some sun, some breezes, some chill. It turns out that I apparently love 70 degrees. You can still go to the beach and jump in, but you can wear a sweater or even socks without pouring sweat. I love it.  But there was a nip in the air today and it was crisp enough to feel like fall: cool morning and oh-so-divine 70-degree afternoon. It's been a great summer and I can hardly believe that it is winding down.

I got to thinking about our summer list and reflecting back on what we've done. Even though we squashed some extra things in (a couple house projects, a couple camping trips!) I found there were also some things that didn't quite get done. Or get done enough. So, we're extending these onto our Autumn list.

hammock hanging
cheese making
picnic blanket making and using

And in the meantime, doing quite a bit of the "hanging with friends and family". Yet we're not checking that off the list, if you know what I mean.


  1. Have I told you how happy I get when I see you've posted something new! Thanks for the updates! (Monica says hello.)

  2. Have I told YOU how happy I get when I think someone actually looks at the blog?? Thanks for appreciating, and commenting! (HELLO!)

  3. I love the pic of Etta with Oliver swinging behind her in the background. Oh, and--her outfit is lovely.

  4. Fantastic pics! It looks like you all are having an awesome summer, and extending the good times right on through. . .keep up the good work! Luv, Auntie Mary Ann

  5. Hey Aim,
    Great stuff, especially the hard fought b-ball game.

  6. So you are reading! Well, wonderful. Etta's outfit (Auntie Kud-made) IS lovely, we had an awesome summer indeed, and that was some good b-ball. Love you guys

  7. It has been too long...Oliver looks so much taller in your pictures and Etta.....I'm lost for words. She is growing so fast! We must get together soon! Looks like a fun and productive summer! KP

  8. Wow - I can't believe how big O has gotten. He is such a little man. Etta is beautiful. Miss you tons. So nice to get a glimpse of how you are doing. Love, Jackie