Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blacks and Blues

I'm no Farmer's Almanac kind of person. I have no idea if the hot weather followed by the cool weather was great, poor, or completely irrelevant. But I do know we've been having lots of beautiful afternoons and evenings picking and pruning blueberry (and huckleberry) patches. O has even transitioned from mostly eating to mostly putting in the pail. (Mostly)

  We've been using these lovelies in new ways like sorbet and gelato and also some old faves, like blueberry pie and blueberry pancakes. I think I may even try some blueberry freezer jam. But that would mean more kitchen time... and right now, it's just too gorgeous to be inside. Croquet and berries await!


  1. will you be wanting some blueberry buckle for Simone? ;)