Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're progressing

Checking many things off this Summer list:
Swim in Big Lake? Check
Swim in the river? Check
Make ice cream? Check, check
Eat ice cream? Check, check, check, check
Eat blues and hucks? Check

And even though we're making progress on some of the areas of the house, we are generally letting the construction to-do list slip by the wayside. (check)
Some small accomplishments:
Unpacking the last of the boxes in the dining room = finding the dining room floor

Hanging art and nesting just a bit
Finishing the only bed landscaping we allowed ourselves this season. (ok, well, it did get away from me a little. The bed ended up curving around the east side of the house and having a small wildflower outcropping on the driveway bump. But otherwise it was contained and manageable.) The construction zone blank slate was too overwhelming and focusing on this small area made it do-able and fun.

Random extra:I'm so glad I signed up for the flower share with our CSA. It brings a bright spot to our otherwise color- and flower-less construction zone.

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