Monday, July 11, 2011


Me and lists. They make me feel good. Happy. Accomplished. Now that summer feels like it has (finally) arrived, here is our my summer wish list:
:: Set up a mud-pie kitchen. This is pretty much perfect for the kind of play O is doing right now.
          examples One, Two, Three, Four and Five
          Pap-pap or Grandpa want to help with that one?
:: Make ice cream. Heaps and heaps of ice cream. Eat said ice cream.
:: Hang the hammocks. Sleep in the hammocks. Sleep when the mood strikes.

:: Visit the lake frequently. The Big Lake. Any lake. Frequently.
:: Jump in the river, more frequently.

:: Eat blueberries and huckleberries til our teeth are purple.
:: Finish the beach blanket.
:: Make cheese. Oh sweet creamy cheese.
:: Swim, bike, run, repeat.

:: Let the summer breeze blow that construction to-do list away.
:: Embrace the sand, accept the mess.
:: Limit the job site to Tonka size.

:: Take O&E for a canoe ride.
:: Read! Put down the Spider Solitaire. Put down the phone, period.
:: Ride some roller coasters.
:: Hang with friends and family.

I know, I stand solo on the list making in the family. But feel free to humor me: What's your summer list look like?

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  1. Oh, I love lists too!
    Some of my Summer to do list:
    Sleep outside in a tent
    Eat Breakfast outside - done
    Ann Arbor Summerfest - done
    Ann Arbor Art fair
    Make a pie from farmer's market fruit
    Go kayaking - done
    Spend a day reading at the pool
    Go to a Tigers Game - done
    Put my toes in Lake Michigan
    Eat s'mores
    Get rid of cable tv - done
    See fireworks - done
    Go for a hot air balloon ride