Friday, November 4, 2011


We took the sling out of the Chariot. It was time, even though Etta runs on the smaller side of things. Now, there are 2 kids cozied down with blankets and no one up in the air by themselves. Probably one of our last bike rides of the year - time to swap out the hitch and wheels for the skiis! Even if we aren't getting the snow that some of you are...


  1. how is she doing without the sling? we're wondering if we should remove ours. but we'll still be biking, which is bouncy.....

  2. She's doing great without it, but there is another body in there to cram against and add warmth. If she's not too squished in the sling, I'd leave her in there for the suspension on the bike rides. She probably won't need it for the ski rides when you're ready to switch.

    We got snow and lost snow, so keep switching hitches and wheels etc back and forth. It's been a nice long fall, though, so I won't complain about the unusual snow delay... yet.