Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Of Dinosaurs

I took some time off last week. I needed a little recharge and some quiet time to myself. A sort of girls' weekend, without the girls, since no one was available.

Sewing was on the docket. Oh yes, heaps of other things as well, but mostly sewing, which is so neglected since the babes were born. And I miss it. So I planned to do some sewing. And lots of it for me! And nesting in the house! But also, for those 2 little babes that minimized my sewing time. Pajammies and dresses and cozy pants and bags. Very big ideas and too much for just a couple days, but I still had fun.

I found this dinosaur fabric at the thrift not too long ago. Oliver spotted it by my sewing machine and wanted me to make him a fabric something! with it. What sort of something? A fabric game! How do you play the game? It has dinosaurs! yes, well, he didn't quite understand the whole concept, but I decided that it would become a bag. He's super into sorting and organizing and collections (is this an age thing? or the apple falling close to the tree?); I thought a dinosaur bag would be most appropriate for his current interests. 

I tinkered with another backpack (Made-by-Rae sewing pattern), but then decided to opt for something different: a shoulder bag. I was going to do the messenger bag pattern from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, then I copped out. I really didn't want to learn and follow a pattern. I'm rather lazy like that. (Then why did I buy all of these kids' patterns recently?) So I winged it. But he LOVES it. And that is so so rewarding. At supper, we give thanks and Oliver said he was "thankful for my great dinosaur bag!" So good.

I crammed out another dinosaur project that wasn't originally in the plan. I got an urge, though, and went with it. Rather than sticking to my project list. It's a growth chart. I think he'll get it at Christmas, but I'm awfully proud. I hope he loves it. It was originally supposed to be owls, but I thought he would really love the dinos, even if it is just a phase. What do you think?


  1. wow, Beez, wow, WOW! The growth chart is glorious. so great! both projects look terrififc. I can only imagine how heartwarming it must be to make something that brings such delight to your son.

  2. Geez, thanks! I had it rolled up so he wouldn't see it and showed Darling about 2 or 3 times when Oliver ran down the hall. He said he thinks O will like measuring himself against a dinosaur. I think so too.

  3. Wow - love the growth chart. I dream of being as creative and talented as you one day!

  4. You are a whiz Ms Amy, what with growth charts, making ketchup
    and a full time job. Cool stuff.