Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Of Ottomans

I am not satisfied with the living room. Well, this living in betwixt is tricky for me anyway. I would like to go through a room and finish it - art to rug - and be done. But cost and time make the entire house remain a work in progress. The living room, though, is tough. It needs a rug, we couldn't afford a rug, we couldn't decide on a rug, we could finally afford the rug, we finally decided on the rug, the rug is sold out. So the living room, even with the fire, seems not quite cozy to me. Yet.

I think this thought is shared amongst the dwellers here, because last weekend we took a small step toward making the living room cozier and it was extraordinarily well received.
We got a grey wool rug from Menard's. It's not beautiful, just a simple chevron pattern in solid grey, but it is very soft and was affordable. I plunked it down next to the wood stove and dropped a little ottoman there that I thrifted some time this summer. The rest of the weekend was spent on the rug. Really. On Sunday, Darling worked outside and Etta took a colossal nap, and Oliver and I sat by the fire and knit and read and puzzled and spent the weekend. After lunch, I asked him if he wanted to color and he said, "yes, let's go sit on the rug."

There you have it. Of course this space isn't finished either. That ottoman is working (quite well) but it needs an ottoman buddy (I'm thinking this uber-trendy Morrocan one, perhaps in an orange?) and it needs a new outfit. Hmmm. Haven't tried my hand at re-covering furniture yet...

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