Friday, August 17, 2012

More Multiples

(OK, I promise. More kids pics after this one. For real.)
After Seattle, I had to head to San Francisco. Although the trip was to see Jules, I snuck in a couple other friend visits as well (you just can't go that far and not).

For the two Titulaer boys, I had to make some more backpacks! I have come to love this pattern because it really is the perfect size and age appropriate gift for toddlers and preschoolers. They like sorting and containing (in my experience) and so far the packs been well received. 

Yes, that is corduroy lint all over it. Couldn't help it.
Problem was, I ran out of time. Last minute, I asked Oliver if I could give the boys his backpack with frogs and turtles and I would make him a new frog and turtle one when I got home (or birds or dinosaurs or trucks...). He agreed and whew! Gift ready. The other backpack is a color block version with thrifted corduroy. I love it! It's well worn in and very soft. Hopefully, it'll still hold up to whatever Leland may stuff into it.

Before that, I whipped together another one, for Henrik on his 3rd birthday. This one is home decor weight and is fairly sturdy. His sister (my future daughter-in-law I've been told) has dropped the hint to her mama that she would like me to make her a backpack for her birthday... Luckily, I have until Halloween!

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